Why holiday on Aegina?

A Taste of  Aegina  (click on A Taste of Aegina  to watch the video)

Aegina, Aigina, Egina, Egine, or Ägina is a magical island in the Saronic Gulf and is accessible from Piraeus by flying dolphin (hydrofoil ship) in 40 minutes and by boat in 1.25 hours.

Aegina is one of the group of islands known as the Argo-Saronics that also include Poros, Hydra and Spetses.

Despite its small size (83 square kilometers), Aegina is the first island connecting sea routes between Continental Greece and the Peloponnese, the Ionian and the Aegean Sea.

The natural charm of Aegina with its Mediterranean, dry and healthy climate, and beautiful light that attracts artists, its legends, the glories of history, the historic ruins of the Temple of Apollo in Kolona, and the prominent and well preserved Temple of Aphaia (built in 480 B.C. to celebrate the victory over the Persian fleet at Salamis) in Mesagros create a historians paradise!

From ancient times, Aegina has been the ideal place for relaxation and spiritual uplifting, a place of artistic inspiration and concentration, asceticism and entertainment. Its churches and monasteries, the medieval town of Palaiochora, golden beaches and cool bays, the neoclassical mansions and traditional houses, the picturesque villages and the miraculous saint – Agios Nectarios – attract visitors, allowing themselves to take in the charms and freedom of the island.